Thursday, 24 March 2011



    First of all - Alhamdulillah! and congratulations to me, myself coz dah berjaya create this blog (walaupun terkial2..).

    The reasons of having this blog is that i would to share something i love or something i like with all of u.. (ada ke nanti org yg nak visit dan baca blog i ni..pasti Pak Mail, Su Nyah and Cik Yuh akan jadi mangsa pertama kena follow blog i nih..heheheh)

     The other reason is that i don't want to be left behind in this modern world. Everybody has their own blog, twitter and everything (u just name it! even my Pak Mail pun nak create blog dia sendiri, konon2 macam diari la...katanya...hahahah). So..tadaaa!!! Here i am ...having a blog of myself; named Chic Baby by Rosa. Why Chic Baby? first - of course i am "baby" (baby Pak Mail) and secondly - chic la jugak!! hehe i just had my baby and i am crazy with all the babies cute and adorable!!!

      Ok la..cukup about all that...letak picture la best sikit...kan ke chic tu...ber'abaya' cam gitu!! (hoping i could be like that, chic, sopan, slim (apa?? slim?? boleh ker?) ... mimpi la!!).
Wait for more to come!!


  1. Welcom welcome...baca tajuk macam mengamuk...siap ader tanda !!! 3 kali...he he he....

  2. mana ada !!!, 2 je la tu! baik pi tambah power spek mata tu!! hahahah